Big animated series, all help accepted :D

2012-07-09 18:18:34 by CityOG

Baaaasicaly, Ive thought of a couple of idea's for an animation that could be made into a short series (also willing to take other idea's too). I can do the animation and act, but i need someone who can work with me to think of a nice witty script, more voice actors and maybe another animator, the more animators working with this, the quicker we can get things released.

So, if you're a writer, actor or animator and your interested with working with me for a animated series then add me on skype and give me a chat ;D (Skype address on my profile)



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2012-07-15 13:04:58

Working with you now and would be interested in being a writer for sure.

CityOG responds:

Hell yeah